Kent Black Action Commission - "Launching A Legacy: A Community That Cares and Serves"
KBAC hosts its Action-Up meetings every fourth Saturday from September through June. November and December meetings are held on the third Saturday.  All meetings are from 3:00 - 6:00 (unless otherwise posted) at the Kent Commons, 525 4th Ave N, Kent, WA 98032.
We welcome all who live, work, or attend school in Kent or the South King County region to join us.



Our next meeting for 2016 will be on:

November 19, 2016,  3-5pm
Kent Commons
525 4th Ave N., Mill Creek Room
Kent, Washington 98032

We have work to do folks, and we need YOU! You want to join in and bring your skills, assests and support to help us continue to build and strengthen our Black Communities in the South King County region.

We will be reviewing our progress over this last year, 2016 and proposing plans and ideas for 2017.  Our major Annual Event, JUNETEENTH 2017, will be on the table to start putting the pieces together and enlisting more volunteers to help make it a grand occasion for our 6th year!!

Come on out! Bring someone with you and enjoy the time with us and some light refreshments.  PLEASE STRIVE TO BE ON TIME!!!

If you meant it, when you said it, come on out and show some sign of getting involved and help get the work done!
Please bring someone with you: Mom, Dad, Elders, Youth!!




From all of us, to all of you, we hope and pray that this year will be full of hope for our collective future as a nation and locally. We are looking forward to all things new:
  • new beginnings
  • new awareness and caring
  • new knowledge and learning of self, culture and ancestry
  • new helps and services
  • new youth projects
  • new KBAC commissioners
  • new partnerships
  • new health and fitness

Now, since we are just getting back to school and work, after the holidays, let's do something different for our 1st meeting of 2016. Come with us as we  caravan down to Olympia to rally in the Rotunda on MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY 2016.
Yesssss! we are getting on the buses, in the cars, on the vans and even in some trucks down to Olympia, taking our issues to our political representatives and holding a rally in the rotunda!

The caravan will leave 23rd and South Jakson Street in Seattle at 10:00a.m., with Seattle Police Department escort and head to Olympia, where a rally will be held at the Washington State Capitol Rotunda, from 12:00p.m. to 3:00p.m. Local churches and other entities will be providing van/bus service to parishioners and other community members.

Please call: 253-486-9029 for an update in details for your participation and support.


    NOVEMBER 21, 2015
    Kent Commons
    525 4th Ave N.
    Kent, 98032

    Please join us to discuss Membership and Action Plans for the rest of the year.  We need more folks to be engaged and involved in the work and support of this non-profit community based organizations.  We do not have paid staff or management.  We are all volunteers.  Our goal is to become a fully staffed and supportive group, to come to the aide of the people's needs, with emphasis on the Black/African American communities around the South King County region.  Everyone who sees the need for us to come together and work together is welcome.

    Refreshments will be served.  See you there!

    May 23, 2015
    Kent Commons,
    525 4th Ave N
    Kent, Wa.

    4th Annual Juneteenth 2015 planning and brainstorming will be on the agenda.  Please come prepared to participate and sign up for helps to make this another spectacular day for Kent as we continue this annual event.
    Our event, this year is on:
    June 20, 2015
    Morrill Meadows Park on East Hill (S.E. 248th St.)


                KBAC BALLOT SOCIAL

    Hey Everyone! It's that time for us to get back to ACTION! We hope you were able to enjoy time with family, friends, the bed or the couch. We are so grateful for all the effort and support you have displayed, in support of our cause to "Launch Our Legacy".

    In the spirit of the Election Season, we are going to have, as a portion of our meeting, a Ballot Social.  Bring your ballot(if you haven't voted yet) and your voters pamphlet with you so we all can chat a bit about that one candidate or issue which you may not be sure about.  Those initiatives and such can be a bit mystifying, to some, which makes sense to get another insight. 'Cause we all know that YOUR vote is YOUR have the final decision.
    So join us:

    October 25th, from 3-6 pm
    Kent Commons, 525 4th Ave. N, Kent 98032
    *Look for our banner or sign to point the way to our room

    We will be reviewing all of our past activities, in and around the community this year and we may even have a treat or two for you and your 2 guests, in that very special way that only we know how!  It's also planning time for the year ahead. We are looking forward to increasing our programs, projects, celebrations and dedicated volunteers, to help keep us growing and going strong!! 



    When: September 16, 2014

    Where: Convene at Kent Regional Justice Center
                401 Fourth Ave North
                Kent, Wa. 98032

    Time: Starting promptly at 6:00pm (come early!)
             We will rally in a spirit of motivation and empowerment 
             until 6:20pm; we will start our MARCH, south on 4th to            the corner of Gowe St. and proceed over to Kent City                Hall, where we will continue to RALLY, MOTIVATE AND              SHOW our signs (without sticks) which will speak to our            issues and concerns, as citizens of the city of Kent and              the South King County region, until 6:45pm. We will be            attending the scheduled City Council meeting.
             NO HATEFUL OR VIOLENTLY INCITEFUL MESSAGES ARE            ALLOWED, as we can be more effective and powerful                without any confusion or strife!! Thank you for doing                your part

    Who is invited:

    We are calling everyone out to RALLY and MARCH with us as we make our voices heard when it comes to FAIRNESS, EQUITY and JUSTICE, here in the city of Kent and the South King County region. We can be a part of the conversations which give us knowledge about the governance of our city and all that comes with it, as we work together for the solutions which will help us move forward inclusively. Yes, your action must start with your voice! We all have that right and we should exercise it, along with the sound of our votes, in order to be the change we want to see.

    THIS WILL BE A PEACEFUL AND NON-VIOLENT COMMUNITY ACTION!! Please come prepared to participate and be heard in a respectful and orderly fashion.

    We will be distributing flyers around the city, so stay tuned and tell somebody that this is HIGHLY IMPORTANT and MEANINGFUL!!

    If you have an item you would like placed on the agenda for the next meeting, please contact us. You may also email our Executive Director at